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Midwam, Launches Website Experience Design on Saudi National Day

Sep 23 2020


Jeddah- Saudi-owned immersive design company, Midwam, has launched an interactive website that allows visitors to celebrate the 90th Saudi National Day with a vision of the future. The journey begins from the mountains of Tuwaig and ventures to the outer stratosphere to explore the cultural wonders of Saudi Arabia.

“With each Saudi national day that passes, the future of Saudi seems brighter and brighter. At Midwam, we envision the future of this great country literally and metaphorically by allowing everyone to feel a sense of pride even sitting in their own homes through this experience. This is our affirmation of realizing the vision of this country under the sound leadership,” states Midwam CEO, Khalid Muawad.

From museums to festivals and augmented reality activations, Midwam strategizes, designs, and delivers outstanding holistic and immersive experiences that elevate people’s engagement through multi-sensory journeys. Through these experiences, Midwam curates emotional and impactful storytelling through advanced technologies and augmented reality.

Midwam successfully created, developed, and executed the first and largest music and art festival experiences in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, attracting over 400,000 attendees and reaching over 240 million impressions. Today, they continue to be a leader in immersive technologies and experiential activations.

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