MDL Beast Festival

Celebrating the universal power of music

Creating and empowering the first record-breaking music festival of its kind in the region with 5 Districts that offer retail thanks to a human centric approach to the festival – featuring a global and local music line-up with and international art performances

  • 10+ ART SHOWS

Full design and delivery of a record breaking musical festival experience that took the region by storm

  • A music festival in which you are the main protagonist

Midwam approached the design and execution from a human-centric and experiential angle

Provides experience design services to produce multiple event districts allowing the festival-goers to enjoy the most immersive experiences in arts, culture, and food in one single venue

Beyond music: the festival brand will be immersive and offer holistic cultural experience: in arts performances, dining, local retail and technology

  • 400,000 ATTENDEES


Celebrating the power of the universal language of music and employing it to open the doors locally and internationally

MDL Beast was designed to become the biggest and first festival of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The festival covered attendance over 400,000+ in 3 days and has broken the Guinness World Record for the highest stage to date globally

The festival has made a historical mark, enabling the emergence of a significant subculture of local music talents and the development of a new platform to facilitate the continuing musical dialogue between its local talent and the rest of the world.

Local Saudi music talents has shared a stage with global EDM talents for the first time, fusing global sounds with Saudi beat to create a world-class festival experience for music fans across the globe


  • 5+ Interactive experiences
  • 10+ Art Shows
  • 3 days Festival program
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